Special: Man “Retired” 3 Times on 1 Stock Stuns Audience With His 2019 Prediction

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QunQun (QUN)

QunQun is a completely new incentive community platform based on blockchain technology. On QunQun, users can easily create their own theme community without encoding and deploying, and obtain extra tokens from the reward pool through operating it or submitting contents to the communities. It has a market cap of $6.42 million, a circulating supply of 642.8 million and has traded over $1.1 million in the past 24 hours according to CryptoSlate.com.

  • Special: Man “Retired” 3 Times on 1 Stock Stuns Audience With His 2019 Prediction
  • QUN/BTC is breaking out its trading range that it’s been in since early September 2018. The projected move to 0.0000025500 is based on the trading range added to the breakout level at 0.0000017510. A potential stop could be placed below 0.000001650.

    News to Know

    Yelp Adds “Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment” Filter
    Business search service Yelp now offers a filter that narrows down results to those that accept payment in cryptocurrency, Redditors noticed yesterday. The move is a step towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a common medium of exchange. Yelp recorded well over a hundred thousand unique visitors to its desktop and mobile websites every quarter of 2018.

    Chainalysis Adds Real-Time Transaction Monitoring for 4 More Cryptos
    lockchain compliance startup Chainalysis has added four more cryptocurrencies to its real-time transaction monitoring tool. The newly supported coins are Binance’s native token Binance Coin (BNB) and three stablecoins – Gemini dollar (GUSD), Tether (USDT) and Circle’s USD Coin (USDC) – Chainalysis said Wednesday.

    John McAfee Pauses Plan to Out Satoshi Nakomoto’s Identity, Fearing Lawsuit
    American entrepreneur and stalwart crypto advocate John McAfee says he is holding back on plans to reveal the real identity of bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto, for fear it will expose him to further lawsuits as he fights potential extradition to the United States. The news was reported by Bloomberg on April 24. McAfee — who founded the pioneering anti-virus firm McAfee Associates in 1987 — claims his technology expertise has helped him track down the real Satoshi. According to Bloomberg, McAfee said he had communicated with Nakamoto in recent days, alleging that the mystery figure is in fact a man living in the U.S.

  • Special: Man “Retired” 3 Times on 1 Stock Stuns Audience With His 2019 Prediction
  • Rakuten’s Journey into Crypto Could See Amazon Follow
    The Japanese-based online retailer that is constantly being compared to Amazon, Rakuten has opened registrations for its new Bitcoin and crypto exchange, the Rakuten Wallet, according to a report by Forbes published at the end of last week. Crypto enthusiasts are bullish that this move by Rakuten’s to get involved with cryptocurrency will force other online retailer giants like Amazon and Alibaba to follow in its footsteps.

    eToro is Giving Away $1,650,000 Worth of Ethereum for Free
    Have you been itching to make your first cryptocurrency investment, but you’re too afraid to get in on the hype at the wrong time? eToro‘s got your back. The social trading platform is giving away free Ethereum to anyone who opens an account in its standalone wallet app.

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  • Special: Man “Retired” 3 Times on 1 Stock Stuns Audience With His 2019 Prediction