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Verge (XVG)

Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are fully obfuscated, and transactions are completely untraceable. It has a market cap over $167.3 million, a circulating supply over 15.8 billion and has traded over $26.1 million in the past 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap.com.

  • Special: No. 1 Stock to Buy Right Now - This New Tech Could Fund Your Retirement
  • XVG/BTC is looking to breakout above resistance near 0.00000186 today as it is trading significantly higher. The potential target for this move, based on the prior highs and the height of the previous formation, is near 0.00000226. A potential stop could be placed below the breakout level and increased below each successive higher low.

    News to Know

    How to Cash Out Cryptocurrencies to Fiat
    Since Bitcoin emerged in 2009, its popularity alongside other cryptocurrencies has been on the rise. Cryptocurrencies have grown in terms of trading volume, invested capital and demand. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, many beginners are faced with the challenge of converting their Bitcoin to fiat at the cash out stage. This article looks at the different means of cashing out cryptocurrencies to fiat.

    Former CFTC Chairman: There is a Gap in the Regulation of Crypto-Assets that Congress Needs to Fix
    Crypto assets regulation has been a big concern for authorities in the short lifespan of the blockchain industry. Although countries such as the United States and others have taken steps towards keeping tabs on the exchanges, traders, and investors in this wild market, many of these efforts have not been comprehensive enough to keep bad actors in check. In the United States, cryptocurrency regulation is highly inconsistent. According to the former chairman of the Commodity futures trading commission (CFTC) Timothy Massad, more stringent federal regulation is the answer.

    Anchor Reveals GDP-Pegged Stablecoin On Ethereum And Stellar
    A new algorithmic stablecoin, pegged to global GDP, is now open for public testing. Anchor, a new stablecoin provider, will allow users to trial its interface as well as create wallets for Ethereum and Stellar-based cryptocurrencies.

  • Special: No. 1 Stock to Buy Right Now - This New Tech Could Fund Your Retirement
  • Matic Network (MTX): IEO Review and Rating Ahead of Token Sale (Binance Launchpad)
    Binance Launchpad, the cryptocurrency exchange’s platform for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), has been an enormous success so far. Three projects – BitTorrent, Fetch.AI, and Celer Network – have launched their IEOs on Binance’s platform with all of them hitting their hardcaps within minutes (and in some cases only seconds). Now the cryptocurrency exchange is readying for its fourth token sale: Matic Network, just ahead of Matic’s IEO.

    Tron Announces Sun Network May Launch Date, Reveals Key Phases for DApp Chain
    Blockchain-based decentralized application (DApp) platform Tron has revealed the expansion plan of its second layer scalability solution, the Sun Network. According to a release published Monday, April 8, the network’s testnet will launch in late May. The Sun Network expansion plan includes developing DApp sidechains and cross-chain infrastructure.

    Western Union Integrates with Crypto Wallet to Expand Philippines Remittances
    Money transfer giant Western Union has teamed up with blockchain startup Coins.ph to enable residents of the Philippines to more easily receive cash remittances. The newly inked deal will see both international and domestic payments made via Western Union’s network arrive directly into the digital wallets held by Coins.ph’s “over 5 million” users, the startup announced late last week.

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  • Special: No. 1 Stock to Buy Right Now - This New Tech Could Fund Your Retirement